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My name is Taina Ira Guarany Chiado, I am a Brazilian traveler I would say!

I grow up in Sao Paulo in a family of artists, as my mother and my father are both graduated in a art school. I tried to denied for many reasons this artistic side of me, and I end up graduated in Business.

When I moved to The Netherlands, I start to look things that I can do as a therapy for myself as I was in a very thoughtful moment of my life. After became mother, I let my career in big multinationals behind to rise my daughter and follow my husband in his career around the world.

I found a Pottery school in Utrecht and was just in love in the first class!

I create Pottery and More with a mission to give an opportunity to everyone to experience this journey of making pottery in many aspects. 

Pottery is Therapeutic as you have a tactile gratification as we use our hands and you build something in 3D. You can hold, touch, smell change the forms feel the heaviness...

Pottery is a Holistic experience as when creating with clay is a physical and mental experience with limitless potential for creativity that engages fine motor skills, vision, imagination and muscles.

It is also a Conscious and unconscious expression as art is an extension of ourselves as our ideas and desires are expressed there through the clay.

Pottery is also a antidote to our modern society that is also in a rush. Working with clay means work in calm, as the process can't be rushed, the steps for making pottery taking many days.

I discovery myself that Pottery is also a Meditation. When you are on the process of making pottery you are 100% there and is quite impossible to think in another think while you are creating. The wheel spins and you are there on the moment of creation.

We are also a community even though pottery process is a solitary work, our classes is side by side where we get to know each order, talk about infinity subjects and end up many times having lunch or dinner together.

When we are creating with clay, we are interacting with the earth, building relationship, creating something new through an ancient art.

Pottery and More is much more than a pottery studio it is an adult playground where we transform mud and sometimes also people.

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